Sunday, April 21, 2019

Show 018 - Todd is the Master of Segues

Recorded 07Apr2019!!

In this episode, our team of intrepid Commodore enthusiasts continue to irritate people via mispronunciations of common graphics formats and the proper pluralization of the name of a popular brick building system.

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  • Rob Clarke on Twitter @RobbyJClarke
  • Todd George on Twitter @C64Todd
  • Earl Evans on Twitter @RetroEarl
  • the show itself on Twitter @C_L_Radio

  • Acquisitions, Interests and Projects

  • Earl's Fun with EasyFlash3 and the official EasyFlash3 Documentation and the list of EF3 crt conversions we discussed
  • Rob's PET Voice Responese Unit Video
  • Todd's GEOS for VCF East, link is regarding a cheap ZoomFloppy we discussed
  • Rob acquired a C64G and 1540 Drive, link to Bo's page on the 64G and a description of the differences in the 1540 ROMs
  • Todd's Commodore C112 Adding Machine / Calculator, link to the Old Calculator Museum page on the C112

  • News

  • Perifractic's Brixty4
  • Perifractic's Retro Recipies, the Commodore Plus/4 Mini
  • Adrian's Digital Basement, Commodore 16 and Plus/4 CPU Replacement: Building a CPU Adapter Part 1 and Part 2
  • Earl's VCF West XII Panel on Early Commodore with Bil Herd, Benny Prudent, Leonard Tramiel, and Yash Terakura
  • Plus/4 and TED Computer Heatsink Controversy and real-world testing and Davide Bucci's discussion on the matter

  • Tech and Repairs

  • True RGB Out for the Commodore 64
  • Earl's Weird VIC-20 RAM Cartridge
  • Rob reminisces about renovating an 8050 Drive and sees visions of his past self seven years prior
  • Todd continues obsessing over his cheap ZoomFloppy
  • Rob is making a power supply tester

  • Games

  • Hokuto Force on CSDb
  • @MajikEyric64 / Eric Hilaire on Twitter
  • The Mojon Twins' Website

  • Closing Discussion

  • Peter Cetinski's RIFA Filter Cap Explosion Video and a link directly to the action!!
  • Digital Monastary conversions of Mojon Twins games for Commodore platforms