Sunday, November 1, 2015

Show 003 - October 2015

Welcome to Show 003! Glad to have you with us as we discuss our favorite computers from Commodore.

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Acquisitions, Interests and Projects

  • Commodore Flyer Modem

  • News

  • CommVex 2015 in Las Vegas
  • Photo Galleries of cool computer collections
  • Blake Patterson on Twitter and his Blog
  • Replacement Keycaps for C64 (Elaboration on last episode)
  • PixelWizard's Awesome 3D Printed Parts for Commodore Machines
  • 64Jim64's cOS Commodore Operating System
  • DOS65 CP/M like OS for C64
  • Commodore 65 Auction on
  • MEGA65, a new retro computer

  • Hardware and Repairs

  • c64p Commodore Laptop
  • Commodore 128 VGA Adapter
  • PLAnkton - New PLA Chip Replacement
  • Disable the internal C128D Disk Drive
  • Amiga HDMI Adapter
  • Repair of an SFD-1001

    1. I was pretty surprised to hear an SFD repair mentioned without any mention of the horrific caps on the matshushita drive mech. Of the 7-10 drives I inspected, all of them had at least some board damage, and all from leaks. Please please please recap your sfd drive mechs!

    2. Hi Bo - thanks for the comment. Yes, I'll mention the caps on the next episode. However, my SFD-1001 has been completely (and professionally) re-capped, so no worries there.