Sunday, September 17, 2017

Show 012 - Rob, Todd and Earl talk Commodore

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Acquisitions, Interests and Projects

  • Tynemouth Software PET MicroSD
  • Commodore 264
  • Commodore Exhibit on Hackaday
  • KIM-1 add on boards
  • Floppy Days Podcast
  • PaCommEx

  • News

  • CBM Transfer Software
  • Jim Drew MicroDrive News
  • CommVex moves back to the Plaza Hotel (Google Groups Announcement Link)
  • CommVex moves back to the Plaza Hotel (Direct Link)
  • New run of MultiMAX cartridges
  • Awesome SuperPET Blog Post
  • Penultimate 64!!!!
  • 3D Printing from a PET

  • Tech And Repairs

  • Amiga PCB Trace Tracer
  • Vectorized Amiga Schematics
  • The Future was 8-Bit (TFW8B) Stumpy C64 Cartridge Cases

    1. Great show! I haven't had a hole-punch since the 80s, but after Rob talked about "fixing" ss 8" disks with one, I'm off to ebay now.

    2. Hello Chicken Lips Radio hosts,
      Happy to have been able to listen to a new episode after so many months. Excellent show.
      I have witnessed Earl's hosting the Commodore Panel at VCFWest, will an audio recording of that be made into a Chicken Lips Radio episode in the future ? Could be good to have that bundled with an intro from Earl explaining how he prepared for hosting this panel of Commodore stars.
      As a final note, I think that having Rob added to the cast is an excellent move, it creates more lively, and funny, conversations. Always nice to have someone that talks temperatures with real units.
      Continue the great podcast...