Monday, January 18, 2016

Show 005 - January 10, 2016

Welcome to Show 005! Todd and Earl spend a good deal of this episode talking about personal Commodore projects, and also highlight some important news including the Viva Amiga documentary, and pictures from the TPUG World of Commodore show 2015.

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Acquisitions, Interests and Projects

  • The Young Innovators Fair where Vintage Computer Federation Mid-Atlantic Chapter had a booth (Imgur Picture Link)
  • Amiga Forever
  • Retro Challenge 2016 Entry - An Epson TM-325UD Dot-Matrix Receipt Business Card Printer
  • Embedded Micro FPGA Board
  • PET 8032 and an 80-to-40 Column "Downgrade" a Commodore 8023P Printer, Commodore PET 4040 Dual Floppy Disk Drive, and a Commodore 8050 Dual Floppy Disk Drive
  • Compute's Gazette Subscription

  • News

  • Clean install of a fan on a VIC-20 VIC chip
  • Pictures from the TPUG World of Commodore 2015 Show
  • MIST FPGA Computer
  • Viva Amiga Documentary

  • Tech and Repairs

  • SFD-1001 Matsushita Drive Capacitor Replacement
  • Tetris in 6502 Assembler
  • SID Replacement on an FPGA