Saturday, March 26, 2016

Show 006 - March 20, 2016

Glad to have you for Show #006! Earl and Todd discuss some excellent videos, articles, and personal projects.

Direct Link to Episode 006

Acquisitions, Interests and Projects

  • Elite play-through video
  • Making of Elite video
  • Link to the Issue of Compute's Gazette
  • UltraCart 128
  • VCF East 2016
  • VCF Booth at TCF 2016

  • Tech and Repairs

  • New CP/M Games for C128 - Google Groups
  • Stack Exchange is trying to make a Vintage Computing Section!
  • ArsTechnica's Continuing History of the Amiga Series
  • Amazing Restoration of a Commodore PET 8032
  • Assembly and Disassembly with Radare
  • Commodore 2031LP Disk Drive Repair/Restoration
  • Amiga 500 in your Browser
  • More Assembler, follow up on Tetris projectmentioned in Episode 5
  • d2d64 Preserving Commodore Disks
  • CBM prg Studio Software
  • GGLabs Amiga Video Adapter

    1. Hi Earl and Todd,
      Glad to see that the show is continuing, I was starting to wonder. An enjoyable episode which is easy to listen to. Hopeful that episode 007 (suggestion : maybe include a Bond games on Commodore topic ?) will be released in April.
      Continue the good work.
      Another 8-bit Commodore fan...

    2. Congratulations to you both. I really enjoy the show.

    3. Great show guys. Question though: What do you plan to do with the Ultra128 cart? I've avoided it because the opportunity cost of losing that memory port to software as opposed to things like second SIDs, network interfaces, reus, etc just seemed too high. I can get software through the IEC port.