Monday, November 5, 2018

Show 014 - The Lost Episode

Editor's Note - This episode of the podcast was recorded in September of 2017, over a year before it was published here and to the feed. Most of the content is still highly relevant (and awesome, if we do say so ourselves). We have nicknamed this "The Lost Episode". Enjoy!

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Acquisitions, Interests and Projects

  • Rob's KIM-1
  • Rob's VIC-1010 Expansion Module
  • Earl's VIC-20 Repair Attempt

  • News

  • Individual Computers C64 Reloaded MK2
  • Gideon's Ultimate-64
  • Cool Build-Your-Own SD2IEC
  • The Mensch Microcomputer
  • 8-Bit Guy on YouTube
  • Amiga Trademark Dispute
  • Commodore Leo Smartphone
  • VCFeCH Switzerland 2.0
  • Commodore Security Patches
  • 8501 CPU Replacement for C16 and Plus/4
  • VCF West 2017 including Commodore Panel Moderated by our own Earl Evans!
  • Secret Weapons of Commodore
  • Bitfixer / Full-Motion Video on a PET
  • Habitat / Club Caribe Online Game

  • Tech and Repairs

  • Repair of an SFD-1001 IEEE Drive

  • Games

  • Rally-X VIC-20 Cartridge Auction
  • Picture of a Rally-X Cartridge

  • eBay

  • Prototype Amiga System
  • Commodore 65
  • Mega65
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