Sunday, November 18, 2018

Show 015 - The Show After The Lost One

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Acquisitions, Interests and Projects

  • Rob's Diagnostic Program
  • The MicroDoctor Diagnose64 (Todd accidentally called this the Doctor64 in the audio)
  • Earl's Pi1541
  • Playing 'Daisy Daisy' on 1541 Stepper Motors and then the same thing running on a Pi1541 (It's ridiculous that this works!!!)
  • And a link to a D64 of the above in case you want to run this on your own hardware. Rob has run it on a real 1541 many times with no ill effects, but it's clearly abusing the 1541 to some degree, so run at your own risk. :)
  • Rob's SuperPET 9000 Manual Collection
  • Earl's fun with the Combian 64 Raspberry Pi Distro
  • Todd's KIM-1 Repair Fiasco

  • News

  • Adrian's Digital Basement, Commodore Left Outside to Rot, Amazing Restoration Video
  • Another Extreme Refurbishing by RetroHax
  • MOS 7501/8501 FPGA CPU Replacement
  • Andrew Challis' PCB for Converting a 6510 to run in a C16 or Plus/4 in place of the 8501
  • A Universal MOS CPU Replacement Board
  • Gideon of Ultimate 1541 fame is back with an all new (and awesome) C64 Replacement Motherboard, the Ultimate 64
  • The Official Ultimate 64 Page
  • Tynemouth Commodore 64 Keyboard USB Interfaces
  • Tynemouth Commodore 64 Keyboard and Dual Joystick USB Interface
  • Internet Archive's In-Browser Commodore Emulation
  • Mega65 Prototype Keyboard Pictures (NOT RENDERINGS!!)
  • VCFe Switzerland 2018, November 24th and 25th

  • Tech and Repairs

  • Rob's Commodore C116 Keyboard Restoration and Repair
  • The PiHat that Todd is using for his Pi1541 Build (Spoiler for next episode, it works great!)
  • Corprolite Computers' / AAA Scrapdogs Unlimited's Keyboard Adapter Board for Todd's Project SX-64
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